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Our recruitment and talent services cover the following industries within South African job market.

  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Human resource
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Advertising
  • Office support
  • Mining
  • Engineering




    About Us


    MPS Solutions 2016/103406/07 is a 100% black-owned entity with a level One (1) B-BBEE contributor. It’s an initiative of individuals that are passionate with regards to human resource solutions in an area of talent sourcing and recruitment solutions.

    MPS Solutions seek to ensure that a process of talent sourcing and recruitment for our clients yields the best returns for every rand and cent invested. Our talent sourcing and recruitment services are spread across various industries to serve the need for professional, skilled and talented individuals within the South African job market.

    The job market is a war zone for talent, every company and organization seek to hire and employ the best from the pool of job seekers; this makes us recognize the important role we assume in representing our clients well to potential employees and being an excellent brand ambassadors of our client in the job market, that is challenged with scarcity of talent and skills.

    Regional presence

    Our Head office is based in Ormonde; however we aimed at serving the entire Gauteng province with a future view of going national and across Africa.

    Our Vision

    MPS solutions vision is getting it right the first time, we strive to ensure we get the right candidates, for the right positions at the right time, thus reducing costs of recruitment and replacements, making us better than the best.


    Permanent Recruitment

    Our core strengths lie in identifying talent, coupled with skill set alignment, and representation of that talent throughout the recruitment process with unique hands on candidate management experience. We are passionate about people, recruitment and facilitating the right match for both Client and Employee. We have a thorough verification process that covers candidate credit, criminal, qualification and professional reference checking managed by trained consultants.

    Contract Recruitment

    MPS Solutions is not a labour broker in approach and as such, our temping offers are administered according to the request of a client to employ a candidate for a fixed term period.

    Verification and Background Referencing

    The job market is challenged by fraudulent resumes, CV’s and references, and most companies are increasingly falling victims to the spate of fraud by desperate job seekers.
    The verification of candidate details has become an increasingly important function. Clients are realizing the importance of this process prior to extending an offer and due to the time and focus this requires, prefer to outsource this function to us; this allows Clients HR more time on other functions.

    This process ensures that due diligence is properly done on every candidate and they are legitimate for the employ. The rates charged for this function are only covered for such, upon which the company does final appointment of preferred candidates.The verification process involves the following; credit checks, qualification, criminal checks, and reference checking.

    Core valuesContract Recruitment

    • The following mix of core values makes us unique and preferable to the many other recruitment specialists;
    • Accurate – we believe that getting it right the first time when sourcing candidates is of outmost importance it saves time and money for clients.
      Passionate – for us recruitment and talent sourcing is an art we administer with passion
    • Caring – personnel recruitment and talent sourcing is not just a business function for us , we understand it involves real people and as such must be understood and embraced to get the right match for our clients and potential candidates
    • Professional – we understand that we not just a business but also brand ambassadors for our clients and should represent them well in the job market to ensure they are preferred more as employers of choice.
    • Innovation

    Why partner with MPS Solutions?

    Integrity and Recruitment Experience
    MPS Solutions 2016/103406/07 is a level One (1) B-BBEE Company specializing in Human Capital and Recruitment consultancy offering a thorough, discreet and above all professional recruitment service to companies and individuals throughout Africa.

    We specialize in character-matching and take the time to understand the business, the company and the people. We get it right.We provide a valuable service to its clients by helping them attract and hire the top calibre of talent for their industry.

    Our partnership has a strong set of ethics and we have an ability to meet goals. We predominantly pursue individuals that would fit their clients’ hiring needs.

    Our aim from the start has been to deliver an outstanding recruitment service to individuals and companies in Africa and beyond who seek the best of the best.

    MPS Solutions was founded by a team of a Specialist Recruiters from one of South Africa’s leading Human Capital organisation who have been in the recruitment industry for over 8 years. Our intention is to grow to such an extent that we are known as one of the leading Black Empowerment Search firms, 100% Black owned business in South Africa.

    Our track record of networking, headhunting and exclusively representing the top calibre candidates from the IT and Engineering and industrials speaks for itself.

    ICT Specialist on permanent / short and long term contracts:

    Our primary activity is Permanent ICT staff recruitment and Temporary Staffing for either single, large volume or ongoing staffing requirements. We recruit at all employment levels from junior to senior and across a broad range of employee categories and sectors.

    The service lines we offer include but are not limited to:
    Flexi/ contract personnel recruitment • Volume based recruitment
    Flexi/ contract personnel to permanent • Permanent staff recruitment staff conversions

    We focus on positions from Interns to CTOs:

    • Volume based recruitment
    • Permanent staff recruitment
    • Information management;
    • Software engineering – designing, building, developing, testing;
    • Systems/network management;
    • Web design.
    • Computer forensics;
    • Content management;
    • Cyber security and risk management;
    • Data analysis and analytics;
    • Hardware engineering;

    We also consult to our clients pertaining Human Resources strategies, policies & procedures regarding recruitment processes, and also provide solutions on how to sustain the employees within a working environment.


    Executive Search

    MPS Solutions Executive Search and Selection provides a dynamic team-based approach to meeting their ICT human capital requirements. We strive to understand the business goals, strategy and culture of our clients in order to identify individuals that would be most suitable

    Our focus with each client is to ensure that we have an in-depth appreciation of the industry they operate in, the opportunities and challenges they face in the sector as well as the critical skills and competencies that they require to excel. MPS Solutions is committed to providing individualized talent solutions for all of our business partners. Each solution is tailor-made in consultation with the client or candidate, and an Executive Search strategy devised.

    Successful implementation and management of each business partner strategy relies on the team’s commitment to building long-term relationships with partners and candidates.
    Our proposed value addition in Executive Search is:
    Proactively providing intelligence on talent-related trends in the sector
    Undertaking competency-based talent mapping exercises to identify the key contributors in the relevant sectors.
    Sourcing high-calibre individuals in an unmatched quality-oriented turn-around time as a result of the mapping exercise
    Giving advice on various assessment tools available.
    Undertaking Talent Retention oriented Research Projects


    We guarantee professional representation of your company. This is important as the Southern African market is very small and the spread of skills is limited. Our response handling is conducted in an ethical and effective manner using a fair, transparent and Getting it right, first time.consistent process in accordance with the Labour Relations Act. Our headhunting
    is conducted in an ethical and effective manner using the latest international techniques.

    MPS Solutions’s ethics based on Ubuntu strictly ensures its business partners never to headhunt from client companies. Nor do we ever network with a candidate placed by us.

    Discretion and Confidentiality

    MPS Solutions will not disclose the client’s identity until it becomes appropriate. Even then, releasing this information is discussed with the client prior to informing the candidate. Any information related to the client’s business will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Likewise, we ask our client companies to limit circulation of information on candidates to those parties that are directly involved in the recruitment process.

    Speed and Delivery

    MPS Solutions guarantees response handling within 48 hours of candidates’ initial contact. We ensure that all candidates are fully satisfied with our process. Our clients benefit directly from the snowball effect generated by such a strong network. Simply put: we deliver faster because we know where to look! This, combined with the fact that the search team will dedicate every hour of every day to your search assignment alone, enables us to keep the time period from brief to shortlist presentation to a maximum of 4 weeks


    High profiled recruitment assignments are accepted on the basis of full exclusivity. The search will be conducted specifically on behalf of your company and those candidates identified expressly for your assignment will be exclusively available to your organization for a period of 2 weeks or until declined. Any candidates your company may have in contention are referred to MPS Solutions where they will be measured against set criteria. The same applies to candidates who may reply to the client company directly once they have seen or heard of the advertisement.

    Our commitment

    He has a track record of successfully filling similar assignments. We will have indepth knowledge of our specific niche market and will demonstrate our personal
    involvement by being accessible to you virtually 10 working hours a day during the
    assignment. We will dedicate ourselves to your assignment until its successful conclusion and will not be involved in an excessive number of executive searches running concurrently at any given time.

    Advertising selection

    MPS Solutions’s Advertising Selection Service ensures wide exposure to active job seekers and browsers alike. Our service includes the entire spectrum of search and selection and is not limited to response handling only.

    Pro-Active Response Handling

    MPS Solutions does not just “take response” but engages actively in the recruitment process, using every possible means to deliver results for our clients. It is for this reason that we always combine our advertising selection drives with direct search.

    Direct Search / Headhunting

    This method has been proven in the past that it is the most effective method of recruitment for areas where talent is scarce. We approach candidates in a discreet and sophisticated headhunting manner

    Training & Skills Development

    Our area of focus is to coach and equip individuals and/or teams within organisations to better understand and deal with organisation and relationship systems. We cover the following programmes below:

    Performance Management workshops (Developing: Individuals/Teams Planning; Implementation; Monitoring; and Recognition skills, very important skills required to achieve work goals

    Effective Leadership workshops (Developing people’s Emotional, Social and Relationship Systems Inelligence).

    Effective Team Building/Alignment Workshops (Finding the voice of the Teams – deep democracy, working with toxins in teams, ironing out conflict and finding a common Bursars and Graduates – University and Workplace Survival Tool-kit Workshops.

    Employee “On-Boarding” coaching sessions (A process to align the employee with the new employer’s vision, values, and culture).

    Designing Partnership Alliance (DPA) Workshop/Meeting (For Unions and Management, new mergers, and a new manager- creating the wanted relationship atmosphere in the working environment).Safety Awareness/Improvement Workshops.

    Individual/Team Development Workshops to reduce waste creating
    behaviours in an organization (This process empowers
    individuals/teams to produce a high quality product,
    within their schedule and at low costs).


    As with advertisement response handling, we place a strong emphasis on presenting opportunities to headhunted candidates in an attractive and professional manner.

    Our Located Offices:

    100 Northern Parkway Street, Crownwood Office Park, Ormonde, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Contact Person: Dan Silinda
    Fax: │Cell: 076 920 2634 | 011 851 2011
    dan@mpssolutions.co.za or info@mpssolutions.co.za



    The Fee is based on the candidate’s total annual earnings. This includes all fixed monthly allowances. Such allowances and benefits include commissions, on target earnings, profit share or shares, guaranteed or expected bonuses, sign-on bonuses, thirteenth cheques (or guaranteed pro-rata bonuses), housing subsidies or allowances for housing, allowances for: relocation, car, entertainment, cell and/or telephone allowances, computer, insurance, petrol and subsistence offered in addition to the fixed basic salary. The Employer’s Medical Aid and Pension, Retirement and Provident Fund contributions are included in the total annual cost to company package. Use of a company car or a pool car used privately, will be calculated on the book value of the vehicle, at the rate prescribed by SARS.


    1. A fee of 15% of all total cost to company of the candidate will be charged.
    2. The Guarantee is subject to the placement fee being paid within 07 (seven) working days of the candidate commencing employment.
    3. If the guarantee is not validated in terms of point 2 above and the candidate leaves the client’s employment within the guarantee period, the guarantee does
    not apply.
    4. MPS Solutions guarantee does not apply if the termination is a result of a layoff for economic reasons, elimination of the position, an unfair dismissal, a substantial change in the job description or reporting structure, the client’s breach of either this agreement or their employment contract with the candidate, or any verbal agreement with the candidate, a change in the client organization’s owner ship or any other reasons beyond our candidate’s control.
    5. Should the employee resign or be released for any reason other than redundancy orretrenchment or any reasons mentioned in point 4, within the applicable guarantee period and the guarantee has been validated (Point 2), MPS Solutions will provide a replacement candidate. For the guarantee to be operative, MPS Solutions must be notified of the resignation or release immediately and confirmed in writing within 7 (seven) working days (unless otherwise
    agreed). From the date of confirmation, MPS Solutions is afforded (fourteen) working days exclusivity to replace the candidate for the same position
    6. Alternatively, the client may opt for a credit note, which is valid for a period of 1 (one) year from issue date. It can be used against any fees as may become due to MPS Solutions in the 1 (one) year period. The credit note percentile is pro portionate to the candidate’s length of service before termination and will be calculated as follows: within 5 working days, 80% credit note; within 6-60 days,
    50% credit note and within 61-90 days, 20% credit note.
    7. If there is a salary difference between the first candidate and the replacement candidate MPS Solutions will pass a credit note should the replacement
    candidate’s salary be lower, and will invoice for the balance should the replacement candidate’s salary be higher than the original invoice amount.
    8. The 90 days guarantee is inclusive of the notice period and is calculated from the candidate’s starting date.
    9. Should a candidate introduced by MPS Solutions be retrenched or made redundant during the guarantee period, the full placement fee is due.
    10. If the salary is split into a basic salary and commission, the fee will be calculated on this basic salary plus the guaranteed or expected commission and will be invoiced according to MPS Solutions’ Fee Structure as above. Should the package be incentive based, the full on target earnings package will be invoiced
    according to MPS Solutions’ Fee Structure as above. The same guarantee period will be offered. Should the total cost to company package offered to the
    commission earner be lower than the commission earner’s previous income, the fee will be calculated on a 20% increase on the candidate’s present / previous total cost to company package


    Contact Us

    100 Northern Parkway Street, Crownwood Office Park, Ormonde, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Contact Person: Mbuso Silinda
    Fax: │Cell: 076 920 2634  


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